Is there a cost to my company for the vending equipment or services you provide?

No, Sun Valley Vending will provide the equipment and services free of charge. We make our money when someone purchases the products from our machines.

How often do you come by and fill up the machines?

We service most accounts a minimum of once per week and as often as needed to prevent an out of stock situation. We adjust services and day of week serviced depending on your usage.

Can we request specific products and get what we want in the machines?

Yes! We have product lists from which you may choose the items you want, ranging from healthy items to your favorite snack items. And if we do not have it, we can special order it for you.

What is the procedure if someone loses money in the machines?

Vending machines from time to time do take people’s money. We can supply a refund bank for on-the-spot refunds or the route driver can issue refund money.

If a piece of equipment has a problem, how quickly do you respond to fix it?

We try to respond to equipment issues that same day and strive to be there within an hour of a problem being brought to our attention. We have radio dispatched service repair reps that are dispatched immediately, so most machines are up and working within 12-24 hours. Keeping our customers happy and our machines clean, filled, and working is our top priority.

What condition is the equipment in?

The equipment coming in will be new or near new. The equipment will be in excellent condition and uniform in design using the top manufacturers.

How long does it take for delivery and installation of equipment, and what is the process?

Once you give us the go ahead to move equipment in, if we have the equipment in stock, we will be ready to go within 5-7 business days. We will work with you however long it takes to remove existing equipment.

What are your service days and hours?

We have route technicians on call 7 days a week. Our route trucks start the day very early in the morning, and our service staff is on call to keep the machines clean, filled, and working. If you call in a service request before noon, expect a technician to be there to service the equipment before the end of the day.

Do your employees wear uniforms?

We have route drivers and service techs in professional uniforms with Sun Valley Vending emblems for identification purposes.